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Découvrez les tours guidés internationales avec Adventures by Disney

Discover the world with a touch of magic

Luxury family trips offered by Adventures by Disney are designed for affluent families looking to travel together in comfort and luxury. These trips can include upscale accommodations, fine dining experiences, exclusive leisure activities, private sightseeing tours and personalized concierge services. These trips can also be tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of each family.

Adventures by Disneyoffers organized tours and guided vacations for families across 7 continents.

Created in 2005, Adventures By Disney is one of the leading luxury family travel companies.

Do you have a project? Adventures By Disney is one of the leaders in the private travel industry.

With Adventures By Disneydon’t just see the sights; be a part of history

A stay Adventures by Disney is your “backstage pass” to the world.

Exclusive wine tastings? Treasure hunts? Magical moments? Adventures by Disney.

7 types of family trips offered by Adventures By Disney:

  1. Organized tours for families;
  2. Cruises on the main rivers of Europe;
  3. Expedition cruises;
  4. Private organized tours;
  5. The escapes in town;
  6. Adventures for adults only;
  7. Private jet adventures.

Family travel: more than 40 adventures across 7 continents

For all those exceptional family trips, you’ve come to the right place!
The Adventure Guides will take care of you and your children like no other team.
In addition to being a source of knowledge and outstanding managers, they carry the sunscreen or the insect repellent for you! They provide the Kleenex for emotional outbursts, they feed you almost every two hours. In the end, they are also the ones who play the role of the traveling Mom.
In addition, they are also the ones who make the registrations for each member of your family or group for hotels, restaurants, museums, transportation, etc. I almost forgot: they are also photographers and in charge of immortalizing in photos and videos all the small and big moments of your vacation.
Thanks to Adventures by Disney you will experience incredible things. Imagine yourself alone in the Sistine Chapel…

VIP Services

Travel with Adventures by Disneyis to have access to the world. Whether it’s a private visit to the Vatican Museum or dinner in the Imperial Pavilion at the Vienna Zoo, your adventure will take you to unique places like only Disney can do. And with two adventure guides, you won’t just visit exotic destinations, you’ll live them and be part of the story:

  • Two adventure guides trained by Disney on each trip;
  • Private events and private tours;
  • Backstage access;
  • Direct access without waiting in line to museums and popular attractions;
  • Unique cultural experiences with local experts in unique locations;
  • Special activities for junior adventurers;
    Special programs with local communities;
  • Costumed historical characters who bring stories to life!

Exclusive activities with Adventures by Disney

Adventures by Disney offers a wide range of exclusive activities for family travel, including museum visits, cooking classes, theater shows, mountain hikes, African safaris, exclusive wine tastings for adults, scavenger hunts for young adventurers and much more.
Of course, these activities are designed to meet the interests of all family members, from the youngest to the oldest, and to provide unique and memorable experiences.

Here are some examples:

Tours guidés pour les familles en amérique du Sud avec Adventures By Disney

VIP access to the Great Sphinx of Giza

Among the largest sculptures in the world, this mythical half-human, half-lion creature was carved from a single piece of limestone and is 73 meters long and 20 meters high. All members of your family will have VIP access, allowing them to see the Sphinx privately and away from the crowds, which is usually only possible for visiting dignitaries.

Tours guidés pour les familles en amérique du Sud avec Adventures By Disney

Rafting in the Arenal volcano area, Costa Rica

Ride the roaring rapids and float on the gushing waters of the Sarapiquí River on this exciting adventure. You will also enjoy calm waters that allow you to admire the lush landscape as you glide along a forest populated by exotic birds and animals. Enjoy a rafting adventure in class I to class III rapids.

Tours guidés pour les familles en Asie avec Adventures By Disney

Japan: a journey to the heart of traditions

A family tour that will immerse you in an incredible universe: you will make your own Bento box, attend a Taiko drumming demonstration in a Zen temple. You will also receive a practical lesson on the art of Japanese calligraphy. The tea ceremony will have no more secrets, nor origami. You will have the chance to discover the history of the traditional Japanese sport of Sumo wrestling and to enter the heart of the dohyo, a sand-filled ring, where you will witness a live Sumo demonstration.

Tours guidés pour les familles en Europe avec Adventures By Disney

Discover Italy

What if, in the same 24 hours, you could experience an exclusive and private visit to the Vatican Museum and make your own pasta in a working farm with its own cellar – located in the heart of the Chianti wine region?
Visualize yourself in front of masterpieces by history’s greatest artists in a collection that spans 4,000 years. You will also be guided by a local expert into the Sistine Chapel, where you will get an intimate look at Michelangelo’s magnificent achievement.

Adventures by Disney offers organized tours, guided vacations and expedition cruises for you and your children to many destinations around the world, including Europe, in Asia, in South America, Africa or theArctic!
In addition, the teams of Adventure Guides andexperts are there to help you discover the wonders of the world, while ensuring your safety and comfort.
With Adventures by Disneyyou can explore amazing places and have unique experiences with confidence.
You get privileged backstage access to exotic locations and selected events around the world!

Finally, Adventures by Disney prides itself on providing luxury travel experiences tailored for children, as well as highlights for adults. Be inspired and experience magic with museum visits, cooking classes, theater performances, mountain hikes, African safaris and more.

Adventures by Disney is proud of its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. They work closely with local communities to support the local economy and minimize our impact on the environment.

If you are looking for a magical family adventure, look no further. Contact us today to start your dream trip.