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Fort Wilderness - Fishing
The Campsites at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort - Fishing

In a tent, trailer or RV at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida

Many families from Canada choose to travel by RV from Quebec to Orlando and enjoy a magical stay at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground, the Disney campsite!
For the record, this magnificent campsite celebrated its 50th anniversary since it opened just one month after the opening of the Magic Kingdom park, on November 19, 1971!
And besides, it has privileged access to get to the Magic Kingdom park by boat!
The theme of Fort Wilderness is that of an American border post, like the first pioneers!

For numbers fans: 799 campsites through 21 loops, 409 chalets on 300 hectares of forest!

Good to know for a stay on Disney campground property:

  • Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground is very popular and books 499 days in advance, especially for the period from November to March;
  • It is not possible to reserve for a specific pitch number in advance, the request could be made at check-in on site only and is not garantee;
  • No fire pits on campgrounds;
  • The maximum length of stay is 30 consecutive days in the same reservation;
  • There is no direct entry (Pull Through) location;
  • The campsite has 3 shuttle circuits to get around the Fort Wilderness site itself, golf carts are also available for rent;
  • Pets are welcome, a charge of US $ 5 per night is applicable.

General Overview of Disney Campground

Disney Campsite

If you arrive early in the morning or if you want to make the most of your last day, parking at the entrance to the campsite allows you to park your RV while waiting for your pitch to be available. So you can fully enjoy your day.

The campsite can be separated into 3 large areas:
1) The Outpost: the area near the entrance to the Campsite, near the shuttles to the parks and to Disney Springs , to the south.
2) The Meadow: The Meadow. Let’s say the center, the heart of Disney’s Fort Wilderness campground where you will find the main swimming pool, the entertainment around the campfire, the rental office for bicycles, canoes, kayaks, fishing equipment, etc.

3) The Settlement: the colony. At the very north of the campsite, near Bay lake and therefore the boat for the Magic Kingdom park as well as the Tri-Circle Ranch.

There are 5 categories of pitches to accommodate all sizes of budgets or recreational vehicles (from tents to the biggest Rigs of 45 feet long!); all of which can accommodate up to 10 Adults.
There are also fully furnished chalets that can accommodate up to 6 adults.

The campsites

Let’s start with the most economical category:

Tent or trailer tent sites at Fort Wilderness Campground

Smaller in size than all the other campsites, these have a sandy part allowing you to pitch your tent (or 2 max) more easily than in the concrete slab…
All services, except sewer, are available: cable, electricity, water, internet.
These campsites are also perfect for #Vanlife in a Disney atmosphere!
Can accommodate equipment measuring up to 10 feet by 25 feet on the concrete slab (approximately 3 x 7.5 meters)
Location: The area of these campgrounds at Fort Wilderness Campground is located in the center east and center west between the Meadow and the Outpost (loops 1500 and 2000)

Do you have a motorhome? Here are the Disney campgrounds with full hookups

If the comfort offered on this category of Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground is, roughly speaking, the same as for the preferred sites, the real difference lies in their location: a little further from everything!
If you’re looking for a bit more tranquility and aren’t attracted to a Class A, B, or C location near the Outpost or Magic Kingdom park access by boat, then this will be perfect for you!
These lands can accommodate an RV and an extra tent if needed (if the little cousin joins you)
As the name suggests, these Disney campsites are fully serviced: electricity (20, 30 and 50 AMP), water, sewer, cable and WIFI.
They can accommodate recreational vehicles on a concrete slab measuring up to 10 feet by 50 feet (about 3 x 15 meters)

Location: The area of these campgrounds at Fort Wilderness Campground is located in the Center East between the Meadow and the Outpost (loops 1600, 1700, 1800, and 1900)

Looking for the best campsite at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground?

Are you hesitating between the pitches close to the departure by boat for the Magic Kingdom park, the larger pitches and the land close to the Meadow? The following 3 categories of locations are to be considered.

Preferred category land:

Would you like to have land close to the boat departure for the Magic Kingdom park? Would you like to stay just a few meters from Trail’s End restaurants or Pioneer Hall for the famous Hoop Dee doo musical revue? Opt for the Favorite Campgrounds! Loop 100, 200, and 300 (note, loop 100 is stuck with the Marina and loop 300 is the one right next to the dog park)
Good to know: these 3 loops are the original sites of Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground. These sites are smaller/narrower than newer sites and not recommended for RVs over 35 feet. The size of the concrete slab goes up to 45 feet long at most and watching you park a Big Rig there could be entertaining for the neighbors for a while!

Premium Category land: Do you want more space? These sites are the largest: up to 18 feet wide by 60 feet long (5.5 x 18 meters). They are perfect for a class A of 40 and + feet long. Good to know, none of them is a Pull-Through. (Loops 400, 500, 700 at Nors Meadow and 1100, 1200, 1300 full Center)

Premium Meadow Category lands: Same advantages as the Premium category, these, as the name suggests, are lands very similar to the Meadow. Perfect for families with young children to enjoy the main swimming pool or for those wishing to stay at the heart of this magnificent Disney campsite and at the heart of the entertainment. (Loops 600, 800, 900, 1000, 1400)

The pools at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground

The Meadow swimming pool is the main swimming pool and is located at the Meadow, therefore in the center of the Campsite. It has a corkscrew slide, an aquatic area for the little ones, a spa and a handy snack bar!
Quieter, the Wilderness swimming pool is located to the south-west of the campsite, in the loops of the chalets. There is no slipping and adults can relax in the spa.

Good to know: Towels are not available for these two pools at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground. Remember to bring your own!

Can you bring your pet at the Disney campground

Yes, for sure! Cats and dogs are welcome but there is a small per day fee. Ask our Disney travel agent for more specific informations.

Services for visitors with dogs: Best Friends Pet Care

Geographically located outside of Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground, across from Disney’s Port Orleans – Riverside Hotel, this property offers services ranging from daycare to full board for the duration of your stay. For more information on this topic, do not hesitate to contact us!

The Tri-Circle Ranch

Do you love horses? Your youngsters will be able to ride ponies (at the location to the north of the campsite). Young people aged 9 and over (minimum height required 48 inches or 1m22) can go horseback riding at the location near the entrance to the Campsite (South). Go horseback riding along beautiful wooded trails at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort cabins and campgrounds! Walks are 45 minutes long and booking is strongly recommended.

From Quebec to Orlando, here are our driving tips

Whether you’re a fan of the East Coast or in a hurry to get to your favorite campsite, you may have already thought of going to Winnebago for a magical adventure!

Let’s talk about the trip, from Quebec to Florida in RV:

There are several possibilities for routes and my goal is not to impose THE best on you. I stopped my choice on the route which makes it possible to avoid the large American cities, most of the tolls and to benefit from the landscapes.

My journey begins at the border of Saint-Bernard de Lacolle:

  • I-87 toward Albany, NY
  • Change to the West on I-90 which takes me to I-88 (this portion of the highway is free!)
  • In VR, I stop to spend the night in the parking lot of a Walmart in Oneonta, by car I continue my journey as far as possible…
  • Direction I-81 at Binghamton, still in New York State
  • I leave I-81 to take I-64 to join the plain of I-95 in the suburbs of Richmond, VA. (I thus avoid the more rugged route of I-81 as it leaves Virginia to cross Tennessee. To persist on this route requires climbing to an altitude of almost 1,500 meters whereas taking I- 64 makes it possible to begin a long descent of the Appalachians to reach the plain of I-95 in the suburbs of Richmond, VA… a good trick for those who do not want to waste their gas budget!)
  • I stay on I-95 to Daytona to take I-4W to Orlando.

Travel time Montreal – Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground in RV = 34 hours on average.

All Disney artwork, logos and properties: ©Disney. Ships Registry: The Bahamas