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Harmony between Thrills and Relaxation at Universal's Volcano Bay™

The latest addition to the Universal Orlando Resort Parks, this state-of-the-art water park has recreated an extraordinary world where palm trees and 85° F (29.5° C) water await you all year round!

The theme is resolutely the Pacific with an extraordinary Volcano housing one of the most popular water attractions in North America!
Here you can go mini rafting on the turbulent waters of a volcano!

Universal's Volcano Bay™

The Volcano

  • Discover a rather active Volcano: the Krakatau
  • Embark on an aqua coaster
  • Do an almost vertical dive
  • Slide 4 in a Manta ray

Wave Village

  • The relaxation area of the park
  • Rent your own Cabana
  • Enjoy the main pool

river village

  • Favorite space for the youngest visitors
  • Cross the Krakatau in a calm river
  • Slide in rafts
  • Play in a 3-story water fortress

Rainforest village

  • Toboggan lovers, this is your corner!
  • Solo or multi-passenger slides
  • Relaxation pool

Tapu Tapu: A Simplified Park Visit

MORE than a simple bracelet, Tapu Tapu allows you to access the virtual queue at no additional cost!
No need to wait in direct sunlight! You can enjoy pools and attractions and be notified when it’s your turn.
Tapu Tapu also allows you to pay on the spot for your drinks, to have a locked locker to store your belongings, to activate the taking of photos or even water jets and other surprises.

Photo credits: © Universal Studios