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Booked a Disney Destination yourself and need help planning?

Make the transfer reservation for your stay at Walt Disney World Resort! Whether it’s for general advice or to help you with the My Disney Experience ,restaurant reservations, attractions, must-see shows, we’re here to help you, free of charge.

Découvrez le Walt Disney World Resort en Floride et le parc Magic Kingdom pour vos vacances en famille

The 3 conditions to transfer your Disney reservation to us


Your booking at Walt Disney World in Florida must be less than 30 days old.


Lors de l’achat de votre forfait Disney, vous n’avez pas payé le séjour au complet mais seulement le dépôt ou une partie du séjour ?moins de 30 jours.


There can only be you and us in your adventure Disney. If your reservation was made through another travel agency, we cannot help you.

A local company

When you transfer your reservation to us, you are helping a local company to work: the service is also available in French and you will benefit from the protection of FICAV (Fonds d’indemnisation des clients des agences de voyages)

Disney reservation transfer: instructions

  • Download the Disney Authorization Form by clicking here
  • Complete the RESERVATION DETAILS section
  • Indicate the name of the Voyages en Route agency in the TRAVEL AGENCY DETAILS section and we will complete it
  • Write your name, sign and date the form where indicated
  • Send us the completed form by email to contact @ voyagesenroute.com
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